Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Half Full

2005 came in like a lion, kicking our asses starting on New Year’s Day.

It was the year for things to break, plans to be foiled, loved ones to be lost, and promises to remain unfulfilled. If there was a chance for something to go our way or not, in 2005, the smart money was against us. Being the optimist I am, I kept betting on us.

So here I am at the end of December and the year is still kicking my ass. We undertook a major deal at work that someone in their infinite wisdom determined must be closed by year end.

You don’t need to ask if it has closed yet, do you?

The project started off interesting. I worked with people I didn’t usually interface with, dealt with new subject matters and had an opportunity to raise my profile within the company. Not bad things. But it’s December 28th for God’s sake.

Everyone else has gone away for the holidays. Skiing, the Caribbean, Europe. Some even further. On Tuesday, January 3rd, they’ll all return to work relaxed, rested and ready to take on 2006.

Me? Not so much.

I took last week off for vacation (it was my year to mind the fort between Christmas and New Years so I planned for the week before Christmas). I have 17 vacation days left and they only let you carry over 10. When I planned to take the week, I figured that the deal would HAVE to be done by December 19th. Shoulda known better.

Instead, I was called, emailed, faxed, conferenced, messengered, carrier pigeoned and smoke signaled. Any way they could, they reached me. Let’s just say that when I went in to talk to my boss about vacation time, she told me without asking that she made arrangements with HR to have them carry over all 17 of my days since I worked every single day of my vacation. Hmmm, 17 extra days of vacation. 2006 is starting to look better already.

Speaking of looking better, being the glass half full guy that I am (and needing something positive to keep me going until this deal closes), I figured I would try to find some good things about 2005. Here goes:

- My family is happy and healthy
- I’m more than gainfully employed in a stimulating job
- We have made some new friends
- Monkey Boy learned to ride his bike, play the piano, shoot a basketball
- Peanut is learning to swim, to dance and to read
- I’ve lost weight and kept it off
- MLB has gotten more involved with PTA work and she’s enjoying it
- We took some nice vacations, long weekends and day trips
- Although certain things broke, the repairs we were “forced” to make make the house look better and or more comfortable to live in
- While some doors closed, others opened
- Our expectations were lowered so much by 2005 that I just know 2006 is gonna rock – even if it is helped along by comparison.

With all that to be thankful for, I’ll quit bitching about 2005.

I’ll stop being a baby, shut up and finish my damn deal. And when I’m all done?

I’m gonna quench my thirst with this here half glass of water.

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