Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sorry I've been so absent from this place. Needed a break after a crazy December and January.

Stopped in today and realized I couldn't let the whole month of February go by without a single post so here goes:

I turned 40 this month.

Yep. Fabulous 40. The big "four oh".

Friends and family who realize this usually follow up birthday wishes with the inevitable, "So, how does it feel?"

My answer?

Pretty freakin' good.

I've got MLB and the kids, a good job, a decent home, good friends, great family. Yes, for a milestone birthday, it came with much less trauma than 30 did.

At 30, I was living in an apartment, finishing graduate school, changing careers. Too much of life was in flux. While life these days feels anything but settled, at least it feels like a life on track. I've accomplished some, have goals to strive for and plans (however loose they may be) for getting there.

The only thing that gets to me about 40 is the fact that I'm now older than all those folks on the show Thirtysomething who I used to think were so old. This year's college freshmen were born the year I graduated college. Sheesh! I'm still a kid.

I was recently told by one of my friends who is right behind me on the trail to 40 that someone published a paper saying that based on the current life expectancies of people, 40 is the new 25. So really, I'm just turning 25.

Can't wait to see what I'll be like at 40.