Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Mouths Of Babes

MLB was readying Monkey Boy and Peanut for their swim classes the other day when Peanut happened to mention that if she gets thirsty during swim class, she just drinks from the pool.

Somewhat dismayed, MLB tried to explain to Peanut (who is only 4) that although the pool has chlorine in it, it might not be very clean.

Peanut was unfazed.

To try to make her point, MLB went on to explain that it is quite possible that some of the little kids who take lessons here might actually pee in the pool.

"It's OK," replied Peanut.

MLB and Monkey Boy looked at each other dumbfounded.

Monkey decided to take a shot.

"You know, some of those kids probably fart in the pool."

Peanut blinks calmly. Monkey Boy persists. Maybe she didn't hear him.

"It's fart water. You're drinking fart water."

At this point, Peanut shrugs and simply responds, "I don't mind."

While mildly gross, and no doubt constituting one of those stories Peanut will hate us telling her dates when she grows up, I'm thinking we ought to get this young lady an application to compete on Fear Factor.

Those wimps have nothing on my little girl.


nerium_oleander said...

You have killed me with the cuteness that is this anecdote, Rob.

seemaxrun said...

That totally cracks me up Rob.

Rob said...

Nic and Max --

Thanks for stopping by.

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