Sunday, January 15, 2006

Breaking Away

At last, I’m on vacation for the next week. Hallelujah!

I say that not so much for the vacation at this moment, but the fact that I’ve finally left the office. Has everyone realized how ridiculous it is to take vacation from work these days?

“I’m gonna need these 30 projects done before you go.” – Of course, if you weren’t going away you’d have 3 months to do them but what if you get hit by a bus or your plane goes down? It’ll take us at least 3 months to find someone to replace you.

“I just want you to look at this” – It’s something you had nothing to do with but just in case I decide I might have wanted you to look at it while you were away.

“Where are we with everything you’ve touched for the last year?” – code for I don’t want to be caught without an answer on something while you’re away.

Or better yet – “Write me a status memo on every project you’ve touched in the last year.”
OK, sure. I’ll get right on that. Ah, hell, maybe it’s just easier if I don’t go.

As good as I think I am at what I do, I am a firm believer that nobody is indispensable. Beside for the fact that you’ll have my cell number and I have my Blackberry wherever I go so if need be, you can always find me.

Then why, oh why, must it always be so freakin’ hellish getting out of the office before vacation?

No matter how much planning goes into it, it is always this way. I’m always so stressed by the time I leave the office that the first two days of vacation are always spent just recovering from the last day at work.

And let’s talk about when you get back…

Many of the items you were working on were courteously held in check until you returned because you’re the best guy to do it (code for “I’ve got enough of my own work to do, thank you.”)

Now in all honesty, I must admit that my colleagues where I work are a better-than-the-average-bear group. They enjoy their vacations as much as I do. So when I'm out, they do everything they can NOT to have to interrupt me. They know I'll do the same for them so it works out for both of us.

We also generally share assignments (e.g., no one person is an island) expressly for the reason that we CAN step in for one another.

When assignments are courteously held until my return, it's usually the case of my clients deciding that they'd rather wait a week until I return than to brief someone new on the subject from scratch.

I just wish it wasn't so freakin' hellish to leave. I swear. By the time I drag my sorry ass onto the train to head home, all I want is to drink heavily and veg out to some music on my new iPod.

The music is on. The drinking will come later.

So for right now, my trusty laptop and blog will have to serve me to blow off some steam.


Toni McGee Causey said...


I'm going to cc you at your work e-mail -- it's the only one I have... but can you e-mail me today? I have a trip planned into NY for Wed., and I need some logistical info. Thanks!

toni [at] electrictmist [dot] com


Toni McGee Causey said...

damn, that was

toni [at] electricmist [dot] com

It would help if I spelled my own e-mail correctly, wouldn' it?