Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thumbs Up for Happy Feet!

Any parents of young kids out there have shared the agony of taking your children to see a movie they were dying to see, but is so dreadful you check your watch every five minutes and try to will yourself to sleep just to make the most out of having to sit there for 90 minutes.

I've been there. I feel your pain.

When we first saw the trailer for "Happy Feet" many months ago with a boisterous, in-your-face Robin Williams penguin front and center, I thought for sure this was going to be another wasted 90 minutes.

Tonight we took the kids to see the film, and while I don't know that I could call it life changing or anything (and there are several gaps in logic), I'm happy to report that this was a fun, funny and original movie that had something for adults as well as kids. There was great music and dancing and spectacular CGI. I had to repeatedly remind myself everything we saw on screen was computer generated.

So if the kids are begging for "Flushed Away" (about a rat that gets flushed down the toilet -- enough said), try to convince them to see this one instead.

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Betsy said...

There are advantages to having teens. My almost-15-year-old wants me to take her to Deja Vu. The phrase "Flushed Away" has not come from her lips.

Still, I'm sure we'll be going to Happy Feet--who can resist penguins--so I'm glad it's good.